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Community Voices Possess Power

Add your voice to the chorus – talk to your representatives about the importance of comprehensive care for women with cancer.


We are working to improve access to care by: 

  • Maintaining a strong advocacy force for San Francisco Women’s Cancer Network programs.  
  • Raising the public’s awareness of the San Francisco Women’s Cancer Network goals, objectives, and needs.
  • Promoting research-community partnerships to advance the “state of the art” knowledge in safety net education and care.

There Are So Many Ways to Get Involved

San Francisco Women’s Cancer Network is working to increase access to cancer education and screening, while reducing language and cultural barriers. We are recruiting new members and community speakers. Your stories can open hearts and minds.

To learn more, please contact us at

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Meet Star, the Cancer Navigator at Rafiki Coalition For Health & Wellness.

Star’s position at Rafiki is supported by a grant from SFWCN.

Rafiki Coalition is located at 601 Cesar Chavez,
San Francisco, CA 94124.

Their office number is (415) 615-9945.

Star’s direct line is (415) 982-9475.